26 march 2015, 09:38

The ceremony of granting habilitation diplomas and doctoral promotions

Gold, silver and bronze medals for long-term service was given to 106 faculty members of the university. The Medal of Commission of National Education - 17 persons. The distinction of Merits for WULS-SGGW - 8 people. The awards granted by the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, were delivered by prof. dr hab. Tomasz Borecki, the Advisor of the President of the Republic of Poland.

"Such a large group of distinguished people is an honor for our university, as it demonstrates social recognition for the staff of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Today's celebration is therefore a celebration of our Alma Mater, which enjoys the success and good reputation of its staff members and students. I would like to congratulate all of you" - said prof. dr hab. Alojzy Szymański, the Rector of the WULS-SGGW, opening the ceremony of granting the national distinctions and doctoral promotions.  

During the ceremony, Professor Szymański said, among other, "The WULS-SGGW serves the economic and intellectual development of the Polish society, educates and conducts research on the academic level, and for the last years has put strong emphasis on the dynamic participation of its staff members in international research, educational and application projects. One of the strategic objectives of our university is our more frequent participation in multidisciplinary research teams and vivid international activity, which in the end should result in introduction of newer research methods, the development of education at higher and higher levels. The mobility of the university staff, cooperation with researchers from other centers and interdisciplinarity are essential, because science develops with the use of good practice, best achievements and best research opportunities in the world, and it should be so. That's why we set up new joint initiatives in the field of didactic and research activity with other universities. This is also why our doctors with habilitation and doctors come not only from the WULS-SGGW, but also from other institutions in Poland. It is a good sign for deepening relations with other centers."  

"Youthful enthusiasm, openness to the world and the will to face the topics which are yet to be studied are necessary for the development of science. It is a responsible task, which we get to deal with. It is inevitable to take up difficult and controversial topics, which affect the human, their health and life. This is the challenge we take - more cooperation with other universities. The examples include, among other:  

  • the works of Veterinary Research Centre, aiming at combating cancer and other civilization diseases,   
  • research work of the Faculty of Animal Science on the new possibilities of graphene, including fighting cancer,
  • numerous research and implementation projects at various faculties aiming at a new quality of plant and animal production, including improving the quality and increase in the production in the food industry, as well as research and preventive actions in the field of human nutrition and its impact on health." - stressed in his speech the Rector.

The Rector Alojzy Szymański said also: "I am pleased that despite the situation in the educational market, the interest is our didactic offer does not decrease. According to Webometrics ranking, the WULS-SGGW is among the top 10% of the best universities in the world and takes the 14th place among universities in Poland. The whole community and all research, didactic and administrative staff members have worked for this success. They care for WULS-SGGW the best they can every day. They also work eagerly so that WULS-SGGW can be the place the next generations wish to identify for the next years." 

The ceremony was attended by the members of the Senate of WULS-SGGW, research and administrative staff members, as well as students and doctors Honoris Causa of WULS-SGGW. Ceremony was graced by the presence of representatives of ministries, government agencies and local government units. Also family members, colleagues and friends of awarded faculty members habilitated and promoted doctors.